Starting A Stihl Bg55 Blower

Allow the engine to run for at least 10 seconds. Bg 55, bg 65, bg 85, sh 55, sh 85 english 13 n push the elbow(1) with lug(5) into the fan housing stub(6) and rotate it in the direction of th e arrow to lock in position.

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Push the primer bulb in and release it slowly six times.

Starting a stihl bg55 blower. Mix the gas and oil in a small gas can. Place the bg 55 blower on a hard, flat working surface. Because the leaf blower emits air at 140 mph from the tip of its nozzle, it's best to start the blower outdoors in an area clear of people.

I let the blower set a bit and tried again without any change in result. Close the choke (put the choke on). Beside above, how long do stihl blowers last?

All parts that fit a bg 55 blower. N use a suitable tool to disengage the tab(7) on. The blower was running and then died as i let off the throttle.

Gently shake the can to help incorporate the oil into the gas. I have a stihl bg55 blower will not start i try everything like; I have a stihl bg55 blower that won't start.

I made adjustments to the carburetor adjustment screw closest to the air filter and now the unit will not start at all. How to start a gas leaf blower. N tighten down the screw(4) firmly.

Pluged exhaust, key in flywheel, new plug, getting spark, i sprayed 2 cycle fuel in carb and spark plug hole, changed gas, checked for gasket or seal leakes in engine.not even one pop after pulling and pulling. Pull the starting cord one to four times. Select a page from the stihl bg 55 blower diagram to view the parts list and exploded view diagram.

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